My Poems

A Saints End

By Maria Frederes



Four dirty, dark walls,

Millions of narrow bewildered halls.

A crumb of bread, a scrap of meat.

 Soon i’ll sit at your feet,

Slow the time of prayer and meditation,

My time comes soon, may there be no hesitation.

I’ll live once more to see Your face.

My soul will sing and fill with grace,

Till then i’ll pray for endurance, 

 Now I wait for any occurrence,

Tis not long till I’m with Thee.

Let me go, and claim whats waiting for me.

Murdered for faith, let it be clear,

Our eternal home, be not here.

The longing pounds in my chest,

Let me be at eternal rest.



Final Good-Bye

 By Maria Frederes


A girl bowed over something small,

Her chest thumps like a drum.

What is in her hands, no-one knows at all.

She’s quiet through class,

And goes home right away.

Later she stares through fiberglass,

Watching people lay a figure in a bed

Where he’ll never be seen again.

Memories dance in her head, 

 She covers her face with a sleeve,

Things will never be the same.

He’s in a better place, they must believe.

As they lower down the casket,

A look of disbelief in her eye,

As she stares a tear rolls down,

As she bids her last good-bye.


Spring Time

By Maria Frederes


The snow is melting. 

Jack Frost is pelting.

 Spring is just around the bend,

 ’Tis not long till winter’s end. 

Spring is peeping and being shy,

All can feel it, no deny.

 No more frozen toes, chilly cheeks and dripping nose. 

It’s the end of frosty reflections and frigid wind in all directions,

Winters bite has all but won,

Farewell, Jack Frost spring has begun.