3 Days Left with a Suprise


Just after lunch, the truck arrived. We all ran to see the massive 26ft long truck. I felt light-headed just looking at it and the amount of stuff we had to put in there. Then, Johnathan informed me that one of his friends was coming to help load the truck. My burden was suddenly manageable, the sun was brighter and the mood lifted tenfold. I was thrilled, not just to have another hand at this daunting task, but, also to have a friend around while we spent our last days in Sioux Falls.

The day couldn’t have gone any faster and smoother than it did, my Grandma and Sarah came over to clean and continue packing in the house. There was bearly a squabble amongst us thanks to our friend, we listened to upbeat music, teased, and laughed together. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. We worked from noon until 9 pm, and we were tired-but not done. We had probably filled 3/4 of the truck and Landon, (who was the one who did most of the strategic placement and organizing of the boxes and furniture) was starting to wonder whether or not we would fit it all in.


They were best buddies


Boys will be boys!

Ahh, those dressers were no easy task, but they managed!

Landon, Tetris Master.

Check it Out!

Hi everyone! I have added a few things to my blog! On the meun bar there are now three new pages, I have added some of my favorite book quotes, poetry of my own and by other authors and more!


But, I Just Touched It

There comes a time in every kid’s life when eating becomes difficult and brushing before bed is nearly impossible. My younger brother, Dominic, has gone through this the last week and the wait is finally over, all thanks to Claire.

I heard arguing from another room coming from the younger set of siblings, which is normal so I paid no heed.

Cries of pain suddenly came from a small six-year-old, and he came running into the kitchen with his hand over his mouth, which is ever a good sign. Claire came running in behind him yelling “I’m sorry Dominic!” We looked at Claire and asked her what happened. She quickly started to tell the story almost inaudibly, all I caught out of it was, Dominic took  something from her and she wanted it back then she says “I just touched his tooth and he started to cry” as Dominic says though sobbing and tears “Claire punched my tooth out!”

So that is the story of Dominic’s first lost tooth, which came out with either a touch or the old-onesie-twosie (to those who watched Popeye the Sailorman) depending on who you talk to.




4 Days Left

The garage is getting full and with Johnathan, Landon and myself loading the truck I was starting to dread the next day. “The truck is coming tomorrow and we needed to have everything in the garage by morning!” I told my siblings constantly that day, trying to keep everyone moving was hard, people were exhausted and I was no exception. But, even now I’m not sure which was harder, keeping my siblings moving or making sure my 8mo and 2wks expectant mother did not hurt or overexert herself. (Love you, mom!)

The Nightshift Post and Morning Watch

Since Claire was born, it has been customary for the two eldest in the family to stay up into the night or get up as early as mom requires. This method has insured mom her well needed nights rest after the baby is born up until the baby sleeps well in his or her crib. Not only does this give our homeschooling mom her sleep, this also allows capable young adults to practice taking basic care of an infant child, which are skills teenagers need. It helps prepare for when they themselves have an infant to care for. I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning and enjoyed every minute I was either standing and shushing or had an adorable baby sleeping soundly on me.

6 Days Left

From across the house “Mom! We’re out of bubble wrap and I need it before I can pack any more in this room!” was a phrase well exhausted, and with several late-night Walmart trips, I was wondering if we were going to make our deadline. “Ohh and there goes the rest of the tape as well!” 

Welcome Madeleine Therese!

At 10:18 am, Friday, the 10th of November, Madeleine Therese took her first breath of California air. Madeleine will be the first to be born out of Sioux Falls and the only one with a California birth certificate. She was 8lb 7oz and 19″ which is a pretty average Frederes size.

Just so cute!

Benjamen loved holding the pacifier in while holding the baby

Someone takes cheese a little seriously.

Sleeping angle with wild hair.

I’m awake now!

Baby: Who are you? 

Even in strange arms, she let sleep claim her.

Packing and Boxes and Tape Oh My!

We officially have a countdown of 10 days! That means we actually have to start putting everything into boxes, securing it with tape and taking them into the garage to be able to load into the truck, which will be coming 3 days from our departure.  My head was beginning to swim with the number of things that had to be bubble wrapped, packed and taped. I was stepping on tape and bubble wrap everywhere from unsuccessful packings and forgotten items. Benjamen did, however, love the amount of bubble wrap or “poppies” as he called them, that was at his fingertips. You were lucky if you could walk through a room without tripping over either boxes or bubble wrap.

This is Actually Happening

There are last minute decisions in my life all the time, I plan outings spur of the moment, I babysit last minute, My family of 10 have left on a cross-country 2-week vacation with a 24hr notice. So, I am very used to changes and last minute decisions but this will be the fastest course of action I have seen yet. These next days will go by in a blur of boxes, stress, sweat, tears, and change.

On October 10th we received a call from our realtor, there was a family that wanted to look at our house the following morning. So we quickly got the house ready for a showing that night and went to bed. They came in the early morning and we all left to go have breakfast at Burger King and few blocks away. We were almost finished eating when my dads’ phone rings which is a normal occurrence so nobody pays any attention to the call that will change everyone’s lives. My dad hangs up the phone and says “they want to move-in November 1st.”


I’m back!

Hello, to all who read this blog! As you all know I have not been very active on my bog in the last year. I am, however, going to give consistent blogging another try. If you know me personally you will probably know that my family and I moved away from my home of 18 years. We are now residing in California about 30 minutes from Sacramento. So I am going to try to be very diligent in blogging. Especially, for my friends and family who I left behind and would like to know what we are up to.

Please comment and nag on me if I haven’t put a post up in a week or more!