Packing and Boxes and Tape Oh My!

We officially have a countdown of 10 days! That means we actually have to start putting everything into boxes, securing it with tape and taking them into the garage to be able to load into the truck, which will be coming 3 days from our departure.  My head was beginning to swim with the number of things that had to be bubble wrapped, packed and taped. I was stepping on tape and bubble wrap everywhere from unsuccessful packings and forgotten items. Benjamen did, however, love the amount of bubble wrap or “poppies” as he called them, that was at his fingertips. You were lucky if you could walk through a room without tripping over either boxes or bubble wrap.

2 thoughts on “Packing and Boxes and Tape Oh My!

  1. Good writing, Maria! I love your title. It has the same ring as Dorothy’s chant in the Wizard.

    Have a great Sabboth with your new sister.

    Love, Grandma Kathy

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