This is Actually Happening

There are last minute decisions in my life all the time, I plan outings spur of the moment, I babysit last minute, My family of 10 have left on a cross-country 2-week vacation with a 24hr notice. So, I am very used to changes and last minute decisions but this will be the fastest course of action I have seen yet. These next days will go by in a blur of boxes, stress, sweat, tears, and change.

On October 10th we received a call from our realtor, there was a family that wanted to look at our house the following morning. So we quickly got the house ready for a showing that night and went to bed. They came in the early morning and we all left to go have breakfast at Burger King and few blocks away. We were almost finished eating when my dads’ phone rings which is a normal occurrence so nobody pays any attention to the call that will change everyone’s lives. My dad hangs up the phone and says “they want to move-in November 1st.”


More Cooking with Dominic

Last week dominic and I made quesidillas. (case-a-de-as) I put on the sour cream and then I passed it to Dominic who put on the cheese. Last, Dominic put the finished quesidillas on a pan.

P.s  I turned on the heat after he put them on so he would not burn himself.


 Such a sweetheart.

 He wanted to stay a fair distance away from the flam.

Stuffing cheese in his mouth.

 Stuffing more cheese in my mouth.


Dominic will never fail to say cheese for a camera, even with lots of mozzarella in his mouth. 


Dominic’s Cooking Lesson

Today Dominic got his first cooking lesson ever. Today He helped me make the very simple boxed mac and cheese,

First I got a pot of water and put it on the stove to boil,then Dominic did the rest.

 He cut the butter.

 He dumped out the cheese.

 He dumped he noodles into the pot of now boiling water. Hmmm looks good.

 I could not get a pic of him putting all the ingredients into the pot.

 All done.
And with all that excitement I still think that he had more fun eating it than cooking it.