But, I Just Touched It

There comes a time in every kid’s life when eating becomes difficult and brushing before bed is nearly impossible. My younger brother, Dominic, has gone through this the last week and the wait is finally over, all thanks to Claire.

I heard arguing from another room coming from the younger set of siblings, which is normal so I paid no heed.

Cries of pain suddenly came from a small six-year-old, and he came running into the kitchen with his hand over his mouth, which is ever a good sign. Claire came running in behind him yelling “I’m sorry Dominic!” We looked at Claire and asked her what happened. She quickly started to tell the story almost inaudibly, all I caught out of it was, Dominic took  something from her and she wanted it back then she says “I just touched his tooth and he started to cry” as Dominic says though sobbing and tears “Claire punched my tooth out!”

So that is the story of Dominic’s first lost tooth, which came out with either a touch or the old-onesie-twosie (to those who watched Popeye the Sailorman) depending on who you talk to.




4 thoughts on “But, I Just Touched It

  1. Great story, Maria. The Popeye comparison is priceless.

    Claire’s position in the family has made her very resilient, surrounded by brothers. Luckily it was only a primary tooth. : )

    Don’t mess with Claire, boys, she can hold her own.

    • It certainly has, thank goodness I had Sarah around with me, other wise who knows what would have happened to all my brothers. : )
      I’m glad Madeleine will one day be able to help tame her when needed. : )

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