I’m back!

Hello, to all who read this blog! As you all know I have not been very active on my bog in the last year. I am, however, going to give consistent blogging another try. If you know me personally you will probably know that my family and I moved away from my home of 18 years. We are now residing in California about 30 minutes from Sacramento. So I am going to try to be very diligent in blogging. Especially, for my friends and family who I left behind and would like to know what we are up to.

Please comment and nag on me if I haven’t put a post up in a week or more!

4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Well, welcome back! What a surprise! Know that when you were gone, we never gave up & kept checking back. As for the nagging, you asked for it.

    Love, Frederes Central

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