Check it Out!

Hi everyone! I have added a few things to my blog! On the meun bar there are now three new pages, I have added some of my favorite book quotes, poetry of my own and by other authors and more!


6 Days Left

From across the house “Mom! We’re out of bubble wrap and I need it before I can pack any more in this room!” was a phrase well exhausted, and with several late-night Walmart trips, I was wondering if we were going to make our deadline. “Ohh and there goes the rest of the tape as well!” 

I’m back!

Hello, to all who read this blog! As you all know I have not been very active on my bog in the last year. I am, however, going to give consistent blogging another try. If you know me personally you will probably know that my family and I moved away from my home of 18 years. We are now residing in California about 30 minutes from Sacramento. So I am going to try to be very diligent in blogging. Especially, for my friends and family who I left behind and would like to know what we are up to.

Please comment and nag on me if I haven’t put a post up in a week or more!

Then Next Morning

The next morning  we started bringing everything light enough to be carried upstairs. Dad and Landon started to pull the carpet up. As we got closer to the pool table we still were not getting any dry pad. Under the pool table might be wet which means we had to take the extremely heavy pool table down. Everywhere we thought might be dry was wet, because the carpet pad we had underneath was so thick it sucked the water up like a big sponge. 

   Alex and Joseph had the job of carrying the sopping wet pad outside. The way we pulled the carpet up, was to pile everything to one side of the room, then pull the carpet up on the empty side. Then, pull the pad out, and lay the carpet back down. And  then move everything to the side without the pad and do the same. We did this to every room downstairs. It took us all day and we went to bed very late that night.

October 2015

Brrr it’s starting to get cold out. Landon turned 18 on Oct first my how time flies. At the end of oct. Landon and  I went to a  halloween dress up party Landon went as Fred Astaire top hat and all. (which behave him self by the way) 

I went as a Gypsy with BIG hoop earrings that weighed a ton.

My apologies I did not take any pictures. 

The Bead Battle

Sarah and I where given a jewelry beading kit for Christmas.  We made most of the designs in our kit so we went out to hobby lobby and spent $20 on more beads and supplies.  A  few days later we decided to sort all the different colors of beads into their own little bag, which was a hectic “Bead Battle.” So many beads, millions of beads.  Then Dominic came over to see me, and of corse he wanted in on the acton.  Him being there went better than I expected,  I  thought he was going to throw my beads on the floor and eat them, but he just sat there on my lap while I sorted the beads in to their color piles.  He put them into the bag one bead and a time and it actually went faster than before. 

More “Bead Battle” 

When I was making one of the bracelets in my kit the beads kept  falling off.  When I had finally finished putting on all the beads I tied the ends together and pulled them very tight.  With a sigh of relief I put the bracelet on my wrist and then bracelet shattered!  The beads went flying and some beads even broke.  I fell to the floor with my hands in the air.



P.S. I did eventual finish the bracelet after a hectic”Bead Battle”