4 Days Left

The garage is getting full and with Johnathan, Landon and myself loading the truck I was starting to dread the next day. “The truck is coming tomorrow and we needed to have everything in the garage by morning!” I told my siblings constantly that day, trying to keep everyone moving was hard, people were exhausted and I was no exception. But, even now I’m not sure which was harder, keeping my siblings moving or making sure my 8mo and 2wks expectant mother did not hurt or overexert herself. (Love you, mom!)

Welcome Madeleine Therese!

At 10:18 am, Friday, the 10th of November, Madeleine Therese took her first breath of California air. Madeleine will be the first to be born out of Sioux Falls and the only one with a California birth certificate. She was 8lb 7oz and 19″ which is a pretty average Frederes size.

Just so cute!

Benjamen loved holding the pacifier in while holding the baby

Someone takes cheese a little seriously.

Sleeping angle with wild hair.

I’m awake now!

Baby: Who are you? 

Even in strange arms, she let sleep claim her.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all my blog readers. How long did you guys spend in the kitchen cooking,cleaning, and having panic attacks about what ingredients you forgot at the grocery story? I spent about nine hours total the day before Thanksgiving in the kitchen, and there was mom, me, Sarah, and Landon in the kitchen at the same time. Now can you imagine families leaving ALL the cooking and cleaning to mom? Thats not fair.

What did you have at Thanksgiving dinner? I had turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, some sort of corn dish, stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, pecan pic, apple pie, banana pudding dessert, and punch.


Be thankful for what you have, count you blessings and write them down on a piece of paper and put the list next to your bed.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my grandparents farm on my dads side. We had a wonderful time, my grandma made her delectable deviled eggs,  brownies, stuffing, and more.  My granddad made the best turkey I have ever had, Sarah made yummy pumpkin pie, mom apple crisp, I made some kind of drink with ginger ale, fruit punch, and raspberry sherbet.  Some time after lunch my granddad took two children at a time out to his field to drive the tractor.   First he brought Daniel and Joseph, then Alex and John, and last but not least he brought me.  Driving the tractor was very fun.  It took me a while to get used to driving such a big peace of machinery.  After that my granddad went outside with Landon and dad to shoot a big gun (we are way out of town)  at an old can, the gun was very loud, and they did have ear protection.  I stayed inside.   I do not like to shoot  guns it hurts my shoulder.   After that we all stayed inside.  It was very cold and windy so I did not get    any pictures.  But my granddad just sent me a picture of the tractor and deep till I drove.





 On Tuesdays I take a class for strengthening and conditioning  for pointe.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving my teacher said ( we must be thankful for our food and I will make you be thankful, and make you remember me over thanksgiving.)  Everybody remembered her, including me. I was so sore, and even to this day my abs and shoulders are sore.      



Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.  I hope you were thankful because some people have only a piece of bread to be thankful for, NOT  turkey, pumpkin pie  some kind of drink with ginger ale, fruit punch, and raspberry sherbet, apple crisp, deviled eggs,  brownies, stuffing, and more.






Trip To Chicago

We went to Chicago last weekend.  First we went to the Aquarium then to the Field Museum which I carelessly left my camera in the car for the museum so NO pictures.  It took us ten hrs to get there.  

  This was on the way there the mountains were beautiful.


The next day after the aquarium we walked to the sears tower from the aquarium which is like 3hrs of walking.

 This is the aquarium selling.    

 Fish in the aquarium eating another fish.

 Thats what I call a smart fish.

 This is the best picture of a beluga whale I could get, you are not aloud to use flash in the aquarium so excuse the bad pictures.


 A giant jelly fish can you see the tentacles go so far back.

 Look at all the little fish.

Sarah Landon John and I got a separate room from the a joining room.  

On the way home we stopped at the science and industries museum.  This is Landon’s hand and you can see his veins.

Then we went home, and are living happily ever after.


Trip To The Butterfly House

The butterfly house got a touch pool with sting rays and little sharks.  The first time we went to the butterfly house I did not touch anything, but the second time I went with two friends and I touched every thing.                                                                                                        

A sharks tail and a crab of some sort.

 There is a more clear picture.


 The lion fish the most poisonous fish that I know of. 

 This plant is unheard of  to be sean in SD, it grows in Hawaii. 


The second time we went is bellow.

  The one on the left is Hannah and the one on the right is Gretchen.

Daniel got lucky. 


4th Of July

This 4th of July was special we got to ride on my granddad’s four wheeler, Landon and Sarah even got to drive.Landon and Sarah gave rides to.  Landon gave me a ride first but no pictures.

Some of these were hard to got because I had to take the picture and FAST get out of the way.   The speed limit was 10 to 15 Mile per hr. 

Proof she was moving.


Sarah with John.

Dad a little bit later tried to do a wheelie.                                         I get a driving lesson next time we go.

Dominic had this worried look on this face after supper.  Then he saw that he was getting attention and stopped, then he did it again stopped and did it again.

This is the only picture I could get I videoed the rest, and could not figure out how to export them on to my blog.

 But I got Alex with a sparkler.