The Nightshift Post and Morning Watch

Since Claire was born, it has been customary for the two eldest in the family to stay up into the night or get up as early as mom requires. This method has insured mom her well needed nights rest after the baby is born up until the baby sleeps well in his or her crib. Not only does this give our homeschooling mom her sleep, this also allows capable young adults to practice taking basic care of an infant child, which are skills teenagers need. It helps prepare for when they themselves have an infant to care for. I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning and enjoyed every minute I was either standing and shushing or had an adorable baby sleeping soundly on me.

Welcome Madeleine Therese!

At 10:18 am, Friday, the 10th of November, Madeleine Therese took her first breath of California air. Madeleine will be the first to be born out of Sioux Falls and the only one with a California birth certificate. She was 8lb 7oz and 19″ which is a pretty average Frederes size.

Just so cute!

Benjamen loved holding the pacifier in while holding the baby

Someone takes cheese a little seriously.

Sleeping angle with wild hair.

I’m awake now!

Baby: Who are you? 

Even in strange arms, she let sleep claim her.

Dominic Is A Big Helper

Dominic is all way trying to help to do any thing Vacuum, sweep, fold clothes, wipe up water that he spills, wash the table, and more and here are two examples.


  And he all way does it with a smile.

 Here he spilled water and we gave him a towel and he wiped it up.

 Then after he was done he shook out the towel.         

Trip To Chicago

We went to Chicago last weekend.  First we went to the Aquarium then to the Field Museum which I carelessly left my camera in the car for the museum so NO pictures.  It took us ten hrs to get there.  

  This was on the way there the mountains were beautiful.


The next day after the aquarium we walked to the sears tower from the aquarium which is like 3hrs of walking.

 This is the aquarium selling.    

 Fish in the aquarium eating another fish.

 Thats what I call a smart fish.

 This is the best picture of a beluga whale I could get, you are not aloud to use flash in the aquarium so excuse the bad pictures.


 A giant jelly fish can you see the tentacles go so far back.

 Look at all the little fish.

Sarah Landon John and I got a separate room from the a joining room.  

On the way home we stopped at the science and industries museum.  This is Landon’s hand and you can see his veins.

Then we went home, and are living happily ever after.


Ballet Is Almost Over

I can’t believe that Ballet is almost over.   I think that I am ready for ballet to be over for the summer, and I think I am taking lessons next year. 

And this Tuesday I am very exited  because I go with Sarah at 4:00 then I have to wait until 5:30  when my class starts.  But this time at 4:45 a lady is coming to teach a class and I get to watch her six week old baby because her husband all of a sudden had to go out of town.