3 Days Left with a Suprise


Just after lunch, the truck arrived. We all ran to see the massive 26ft long truck. I felt light-headed just looking at it and the amount of stuff we had to put in there. Then, Johnathan informed me that one of his friends was coming to help load the truck. My burden was suddenly manageable, the sun was brighter and the mood lifted tenfold. I was thrilled, not just to have another hand at this daunting task, but, also to have a friend around while we spent our last days in Sioux Falls.

The day couldn’t have gone any faster and smoother than it did, my Grandma and Sarah came over to clean and continue packing in the house. There was bearly a squabble amongst us thanks to our friend, we listened to upbeat music, teased, and laughed together. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. We worked from noon until 9 pm, and we were tired-but not done. We had probably filled 3/4 of the truck and Landon, (who was the one who did most of the strategic placement and organizing of the boxes and furniture) was starting to wonder whether or not we would fit it all in.


They were best buddies


Boys will be boys!

Ahh, those dressers were no easy task, but they managed!

Landon, Tetris Master.

The Nightshift Post and Morning Watch

Since Claire was born, it has been customary for the two eldest in the family to stay up into the night or get up as early as mom requires. This method has insured mom her well needed nights rest after the baby is born up until the baby sleeps well in his or her crib. Not only does this give our homeschooling mom her sleep, this also allows capable young adults to practice taking basic care of an infant child, which are skills teenagers need. It helps prepare for when they themselves have an infant to care for. I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning and enjoyed every minute I was either standing and shushing or had an adorable baby sleeping soundly on me.

Then Next Morning

The next morning  we started bringing everything light enough to be carried upstairs. Dad and Landon started to pull the carpet up. As we got closer to the pool table we still were not getting any dry pad. Under the pool table might be wet which means we had to take the extremely heavy pool table down. Everywhere we thought might be dry was wet, because the carpet pad we had underneath was so thick it sucked the water up like a big sponge. 

   Alex and Joseph had the job of carrying the sopping wet pad outside. The way we pulled the carpet up, was to pile everything to one side of the room, then pull the carpet up on the empty side. Then, pull the pad out, and lay the carpet back down. And  then move everything to the side without the pad and do the same. We did this to every room downstairs. It took us all day and we went to bed very late that night.

Dominic Is A Big Helper

Dominic is all way trying to help to do any thing Vacuum, sweep, fold clothes, wipe up water that he spills, wash the table, and more and here are two examples.


  And he all way does it with a smile.

 Here he spilled water and we gave him a towel and he wiped it up.

 Then after he was done he shook out the towel.